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The Finance and Investment Committee supports the Session and church by caring for what has been entrusted to us by the congregation to fulfill our mission. We have improved our accounting system and are able to give church members a clearer picture of our financial status, investments and distribution of their contributions. We have also separated the budgeting and stewardship processes and formed a Stewardship Team as a sub-committee, under the leadership of Linda Jawson.

First Presbyterian Church recognizes the need to provide the congregation with a safe and secure financial accounting system. An outside accounting firm reviews and prepares monthly financial reports that are reviewed and approved by the Finance and Investment Committee as well as the Session.   An annual financial review of our financial records and activity is conducted by an outside accounting firm which may produce recommendations to improve the safety and security of our system.  Recommendations from the financial review are presented to the Session. The Finance and Investment Committee is responsible for acting on or implementing recommendations from the review.

Our system of accounting includes other safeguards:

  • A formal check writing policy.
  • Two signatures required on all signed checks.
  • Authorized (non church employees) to sign checks.
  • Prior approval expenses other than regular monthly expenses.
  • Check requests with proper documentation.
  • Formal procedures for counting and depositing of money.
  • Formal procedures for transferring of money between accounts.

Three main individuals are actively involved in record keeping and accounting on a monthly basis.  This is designed to limit any one individual from having full access to our financial records which provides protection to our finances.   First Presbyterian Church does not allow the Minister access to any financial giving records as well as our bank accounts.

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