Alex Jerve

Temporary Associate Pastor

Although I grew up going to church, my faith in Jesus Christ became big priority after being inspired by Christian friends in college who demonstrated God’s love through their speech, actions, and major life-decisions. Towards the end of my undergrad years at UW-La Crosse, I was encouraged by friends and mentors to pursue a career in full-time ministry. I worked as a camp counselor, as well as the director of a high school leadership program, at Covenant Pines Bible Camp in McGregor, MN. I then spent a year at the camp as a ministry intern. The internship was good experience, but I missed ministering to students. Thus, I began a search for Youth Ministry positions, which landed me back in La Crosse at First Presbyterian Church.

I appreciate ministering with First Presbyterian church, as I believe this congregation provides the resources and support necessary to have a strong, active, meaningful ministry that middle and high school students love. Plus, I love the staff and lay leadership that I get to work and serve with. I've been impressed and inspired by them more times than I can count!

In 2017, I began taking seminary courses through the University of Dubuque. I graduated in 2021 with my Master's in Divinity and was delighted to be ordained as a temporary associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church in January 2023.

I live in La Crosse with my wife and toddler. I enjoy staying active both indoors and outside, especially with walks around town with the family. I also love cooking, especially vegetarian recipes with lots of cheese! As a teenager, I had dreams of being on Saturday Night Live, a show which my wife and I still watch regularly. Although I have set those aspirations aside, I still find many opportunities to write and act in skits for worship, Sunday School, youth group, and videos for our online/virtual ministry.

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