What Defines Us

Church, for us, is more than a place to receive spiritual encouragement on Sunday mornings. Church is our attempt to live, teach and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we live into our Core Values of:

Centered in Christ: living our lives in the manner of Jesus Christ
Nourished by Scripture: trusting the inspired Word of God to provide guidance & authority
Rooted in Prayer: relying on conversation with God to discern His will and our mission
Intentional Generosity: giving our time, talents and resources to progress God’s Kingdom
Enlivened through Ministry: inviting each person to use their unique gifts to do God’s work
Flourishing through Teams: striving towards common ministry goals as teams

First Presbyterian of La Crosse is a part of the John Knox Presbytery and of PC(USA).
To find out more about Presbyterian Church (USA), read more here. To learn more about what it means to be Presbyterian, read more here.

Additional Information

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