Gwyn Straker

Parish P.T.

Faith Journey: I have been a Presbyterian since birth. I do not remember a time in my life where I have not felt like a Christian. My faith journey has always included a need for deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian and how it must govern my actions. As a child, there was always an adult who made themselves available to listen and allowed me space to ask meaningful questions. There were times when I questioned what I believed and why it mattered but deep down, I always believed that God existed, and that Jesus was the son of God – of this I was always certain. There were two periods in my life when I was not part of a church community and I missed it.  I had excuses for not being a member of a church but no real reasons. Regardless, life always managed to bring me home.

Ministry: As a physical therapist, I find it my calling to try and positively impact the lives of older adults in our community through exercise and socialization, so they can remain active in their faith community.

Organizations: I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for the YWCA. This organization is extremely important to me because of its mission to eliminate racism and empower women. I also volunteer with La Crosse County’s Aging and Disability Resource.

Hobbies: I love gardening and traveling.

Bucket List: See the Northern Lights in their full glory – Finland?

Background: I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Physical Therapy. Prior to retirement, I had the pleasure of being a tenured faculty member at UWL.